Loading Issues?

Your game isn't loading properly, your requests are not getting through. It could be something quite simple. So before you tear your hair out and think about emailing King..try the steps listed here.

Firstly watch these videos from King that show answers to common issues!





iOS users



Clear your browsers cache and cookies as detailed in the link here:

Firefox Browser


Google Chrome


Why do we need to clear cache and cookies?

Everytime you visit a website, your computer leaves a cookie. Imagine it as being like crumbs in the Hansel and Gretal fairytale. You leave crumbs at every website you go to, not only are you leaving a trail of where you have been, your computer remembers you have been to those sites before. It means its more personalized when you use the site again. It remembers your log in etc. But if the site is ever compromised, then your details could be at risk. Its not essential that its cleared all the time, but its a good idea to do it on websites you don't use regularly, or do it at regular intervals.Clearing cache is very similar, it leaves a little file in your computer browser so that when you next visit the site, it loads faster. The only problem with this is, if the little file is one of the ones saved, from when the website or game had developed a fault (Glitches) then it could very well be trying to load the faulty game up each time. By clearing your cache you make sure that your game is a brand new load, and hopefully with all the bugs gone.While you are at it, sometimes its a good idea to clear Flash cache too: http://www.simplehelp.net/2010/09/16/how-to-delete-your-flash-cache/



Check storage available on your device to make sure you have enough for the game to run. 
Reboot your phone. 
Make sure the app is completely closed from the background so the game reloads from new. 
If that doesn't work try this :

Make sure you are synced with your previous method of saving data. Either Facebook or the Kingdom.

Remember doing this is usually worth trying as it will remove system errors, but it will remove your boosters as they are saved in the device memory. Maybe use them up first if you can?

You need to go to Settings > Apps > Google play store > Storage > Clear cache

Then go back to Settings > Apps > (The app you are having issues with) > Storage > Clear data, clear cache.


Uninstall the game app.

Reboot your device as in the article instructions.

Reinstall the app. Open it up and log in.

(If connection was your issue, do not reinstall the Facebook app at this point)

And if you find its working properly and you uninstalled the Facebook app you can now reinstall it as normal


So you have an issue with things not appearing on your game as they should be doing. You are connected to Facebook. You have tried uninstalling etc. Sometimes it just needs a good old kick and a complete removal of everything before it syncs over properly. Same for whether you use Facebook or the Kingdom. Players might have a linked Facebook and Kingdom account and yet things are still not showing up correctly as they should be. Your progress might be there but not your coins etc.

So try this.

Check for iOS updates.

Check for app updates.

Have you access to a pc? If you use Facebook. is your Facebook account current progress synced with your Kingdom account? Is everything showing as it should be on PC?

Once you have done that, or if you don't have access to a pc anyway, follow these steps.

Uninstall the app.

Uninstall Facebook.

Go into Safari and clear your cache, if you're not sure how to, you can find that help here

Hard reboot your device (Power and home on older devices, power and vol down on newer ones just cos apple like to make things harder)

Make sure there are no ios updates.

Re-Install the game app DO NOT at this point install the Facebook app.

Log into Facebook or the Kingdom again ..however you did it previously before.

Is your progress and everything back correctly? If so its ok to readd the Facebook app back to your device too.

Advice from King

1. Please download the latest version of Facebook from the App Store.

2. If you have recently changed your Facebook password, this needs to be updated on your device as well. To do this, please remove the connection to Facebook via the settings menu in our game, log out from Facebook on your device, and then connect again with your new password. You can remove the connection between the game and Facebook on your device by doing this:- From the "Map" screen, tap the arrow icon in the lower left corner. This will bring up a small menu.- Tap the red "Door" icon, which will take you back to the main menu.- Tap the arrow icon in the lower left again to bring up a small menu.- Tap the green "Gear" icon to bring up another menu.- Scroll this menu down to the bottom and tap the Facebook icon which says "Log out".

3. If this does not help or if you do not have the option to log out of Facebook through the game menu, please uninstall the app from your device, restart the device and install the game again. To remove an app from an Apple device, touch the app and hold your finger down until all the apps start to shake. You will see a circled "X" in the upper left corner. Tap it to delete the app. Please note that any progress on the mobile device that has not been synchronised with Facebook at this stage will be lost. However, all the progress that is currently saved on Facebook can easily be retrieved, once you have reconnected the device successfully.

4. You can also try to send your progress from Facebook to your device. Simply click "Play on Phone" in the left corner when you have the game open on Facebook.


  1. While playing new upgrade, when asking for lives from friends as soon as I click on a name it freezes and will not scroll up or down. Feed back for you. I enjoy playing farms, thanks for the upgrade. Just wish that the daily bonus could be beans once in a while. Enjoy your weekend. Be safe. Mary Abt

    1. Thank you for the feedback Mary :)
      Unfortunately we cannot change anything but I do know a lot of players have asked why we don't get beans so much. Hopefully they will change it in the future. I would advise you try the troubleshooting advised if you haven't already and that will hopefully help. If it doesn't, if you go to here https://community.king.com/en/farm-heroes-saga you can leave a comment on their forum and someone will help you :)

  2. every time i click on the game, it loads...but then says 'something went wrong please reload'. It's been like this for 3 days now...what's the issue? it's never done this before

    1. Sorry for the delay, is it still doing it now, and which device are you playing on please.

  3. Paid for lives to win the game.it took my money.froze up.and I couldn't finish the game..but you did take my money lost the game...just gave you my money for nothing
    ... Not good with me

    1. Hi, we are not affiliated with King, but you do need to contact the purchase issues department of player support. Follow this link for the email :)

  4. I play Farm Heroes Saga using only my king account (logged in via email and not through Facebook). Ever since I updated my Farm Heroes Saga on the 23 April 2021 (latest version), I cannot get past the "PLAY" button. I keep getting kicked out of the game. Please advise?

    1. Which device are you using? I am hearing about problems on ipads right now, have you tried clearing unused apps and files you are not using and rebooting if so? If its not, come back and let me know :)

  5. When trying to watch videos to get extra boost are you only allowed to watch the first video get the two extra moves and then I get an error message saying the connection is lost and it brings me back to the game. Doesn't let me get the five total move. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app cleared my cache has lost all my boo and it still doesn't work properly.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, the studio have been notified and they are investigating. You can read updates here :)

  6. Everytime I go to play it tells me that farm heroes has stopped. Any ideas

    1. Hi there, have you checked the help suggestions above?


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