Payment methods

Beans are ingame currency earned from the daily bonus or passing levels and earning stars.

You can spend them on buying shovels, using companions or beating Rancid (although not using them on Rancid seems to work better sometimes.

Gold is the premium currency. You can earn this usually from the app version (mobile/tablet) mini games events only. Other than that you can buy Gold with real money from the store. Ignore all the multiple pages that are NOT king related that say you can win free bars via sharing on facebook pages and commenting and sending it to your friends. These things do not work and just annoy your friends.

Shovel buying

3 Shovels can be bought with 250 beans.

You can only buy them BEFORE you hit play on a level though, otherwise it will cost minimum of 9 gold if bought as you are playing through a level.

You can only buy them when you have 0 shovels. I find if I am quitting a game then its better to buy 3 shovels first before quitting as they will regenerate and then I will end up stuck with just one. You get one free shovel every 6 hours as long as you don't have any already.

Buy them when the level screen opens

Click on the shovel to get this box

Other uses for shovels include :

Removing single crops
Cracking eggs
Growing Flowers
Filling buckets
Breaking Ice
Stunning the Rabbit
Breaking Spiderwebs
Moving a Chicken
Lighting a firecracker
Breaking a snowball
Lighting a firefly
Opening an oyster
Moving frogs
Opening fireflies (or moving them on a stage)
Germinating a seed or moving it on a stage

Tractor booster

Clears a row of cropsies. Does not work on unopened flowers or other obstacles though.
Another booster we get free daily as long as we have used the previous one. Regenerates every 12 hours. Buy it during your game.
Can also be bought with Gold.

Bonus rewarder +1

Adds +1 point to every required crop. Like when you add points on by making matches though, once you have moved, any ungathered crops will lose their added points.
Regenerates every 16 hours for your free one or can be bought with Gold.

Colour Collector (also known as the doggie booster)

Also known as the Doggie booster. Click to activate and then click on the crop you want to remove. All of that crop is then taken away. Useful for levels when you have a high amount of one crop needed, especially if you use with the +1.
Regenerates one every 24 hours as long as you used the last one, or bought with Gold.

Egg Cracker

Cracks all unopened eggs. Once used the tester amount, the only way you can get these is by buying with real Gold

Clean up

Turns all grumpy crops into happy crops again. But be soon as you have made one move, they revert back into being grumpy. Only bought with Gold.

Super fruit

When you activate these by swapping with another crop (as following pictures show) you had +2 points to the crops in a circle around it, before they are removed.
When you get your free tester go, they will only be valid for the level you use it on. After the one time use, they cost Gold.

Takes away a ring of surrounding crops with the fruit its swapped with, adds 2 points to each.
Also cracks eggs and lights firecrackers!

Amelia's Airdrop 

Can be bought before you start the level. Once bought, good for one level only whether you use it or not.

Turbo tractor (different from the other tractor booster)

Bought with Gold before you enter the level, again, this booster is good for one level only, regardless of if you use it or not

Extra moves

Bought for Gold before you enter the level or will be offered at the end if you run out of moves


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