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Farm Heroes Saga Level 444

Move your sheep to the hay then if it hasn't happened already, make your water. Match crops on grass for extra points.

New companions!

 So King recently introduced new companions. You can read the official announcement HERE They are good from the point of view that you no longer need to use beans to activate them! This is how they appear: And then it gives you your animal I got a calf, what did you get? Next when you go to play the level it gives you an option of companions. I assume there are more than one as my friend has the other.  We don't need beans anymore to activate them! On my current level where they appeared I need apples so that is what I got.  I found that when I opened flowers, the bar creeps up a little...not as much as matching 4 or more crops but more than it has been doing before the new version appeared. Not sure if that is working as it should or a glitch, so waiting to hear back from King. If it isn't changed here within a day or two, its working as intended.  You cannot seem to choose NOT to use the companion like before. Not yet anyway. This could change in the future if enough complain