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Level 1225

You need to line up as many healthy crops as you can against as many firecrackers as you can. Work in the main board mostly then crops will fall down and open the flowers above on their way. If you use the igniter companion it helps with the firecracker parts. Use shovels to drop crops into better positions or just to gather lone high valued crops. New design level

Blockers and obstacles to Satisfaction

Seeds Seeds and more Seeds! Flowers are the first seed. Make 3 rows next to them and they are gone. Later on by level 586 we have to grow our own from seeds by swapping it with a healthy water drop. Swapping a healthy water drop with a flower seed will make it germinate. The same with grass seed on level 41, and hay on level 461! Grass made over areas of miserable slime cancels the grumps out. Cracking up ! On Level 27 eggs appear. To crack eggs you need to make a row of 3, they join together and become one cracked egg. Make a row of 3 cracked eggs and they join together to become a chick! Later on you will also meet alligator eggs. To make an alligator egg, you do the same. Only they start off sitting on nests first, then you need to remove the nest, then crack the egg then match them up.  Chickens will appear, they also lay eggs. It's rare that eggs will fall down with crops if chickens are around so you will have to do all the work here. They arrive on level

How to remove spiders

Spiders appear in level 266 Some spiders are already sitting in nests, and on some levels you have empty nests for the spider to jump into.  The trick to removing a spider is not as hard as it looks. You see the crops that are covered in webs? These can be broken by matching crops with the webbed crop. So in this image, moving the strawberry over to form a row, will break those webbed strawberries. Make another match to remove them and the spider will be moved too. You just need to make a clean row match next to him.  You can see how to do this in action here