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Level 2037

I used a grower companion in this as otherwise the closest I got was within one flower. Lots of cascading crops needed.

Level 2036

You need to make crops cascade against the flowers on this level. See if you can make matching crops fall by removing a lower one with a shovel. You will get more matches as the flowers open and give you room.

Level 2035

We don't have a lot of spare moves here so you will have to move the sheep around as you are trying to open flowers. Make as many horizontal matches against flowers as you can. When you have a space where there is hay try to move a sheep quick. The suns seem to be easy to get.

Level 2034

I caved and used a companion after days on this. You need to break the ice to use the superfruit boosters on the crops. Once you have used them all from the bottom row you will get more fall down which are usually better placed. They help a lot. I finally did it in about 25 more tries :P

Level 2033

Get rid of the fireflies then make all your matches next to the water and as many fireflies as you can, make grass then you can get some crops grabbed up too.

Level 2032

Break the ice quickly or you will run out of moves. I gave up and used a companion for help as it quickly lost its interest. Stick with it though even one star is a pass