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Level 2022

You need to remove the top moving flower which is blocking the airdrop booster so that you can get lots of falling crops on the board. This level is tricky!

Level 1221

Make water and it will end up near the flowers which is handy as you need to make them. Some  of them are under the snowballs.

Level 2020

Free the frogs, they will land on the mushrooms to get their crops and then more mushrooms will fall.

Level 2019

You need to collect all the flowers on this board but only hit two poppies fortunately. The board needs to co-operate a lot though.

Level 2018

Use a companion. This level is evil.

Level 2017

I thought this level seemed easy to begin with, it only is if you get a good board. Plan moves very carefully on this, try to set them up so that as the logs turn, the crops will fall into the places you want them.

Level 2016 **Rancid**

I hated this rancid level. Open the flowers at the top as much as you can, even when they rotate. You need water and nothing else so you need to get those water barrels free.

Level 2015

On this level I didn't get any more water fall until I had removed some. At the moment its trapped behind ice and flowers, the flowers are the best to be worked on first.

Level 2014

The frog is only useful for collecting the bomb apples as we don't need to collect them. The flowers are tricky as they are under the oysters and they always seem to be there! You will need a lucky board!

Level 2013

Firecrackers will light when you make matches next to them, even if they are in ice as you don't seem to get any more falling until you start removing any. They will also help you crack eggs though too :)

Level 2012

On this level you don't need to collect the spiders but it will make it much easier if you move the spiders up as they will web the slime crops and stop grumpies falling down. This level will only work if you make rows along multiple flowers and have falling crops matching themselves up.

Level 2011

Once the spiders are free the superfruit booster will drop down and you can open eggs with it. Free the spider! :)

Level 2010

Use the superfruit booster to break eggs, Break the ice as quickly as you can, take advantage of the crops on the logs. 

Level 2009

You only need to collect two of the poppies but you do need all the flowers. Open as many flowers as you can in each move.

Level 2008

I found it easier to open the flowers at the top even though they rotate as you need to get to the water. You have 4 black sheep but fortunately only need to collect 2.

Level 2007

Make as much water as you can, once the iced water has gone the hay will fall. You need 3 out of the 4 white sheep (for anyone who played before the black sheep has been removed)

Level 2006

The hay is under the iced crops so you will need to break that to send the sheep home, along with falling crops for the flowers. Using the logs can be helpful with moving the sheep too.

Level 2005

Lots of carrots to begin with. Lots of firecrackers to collect but as they open flowers and burst bombs they can be useful anyway so collecting is no hardship. They are twenty two flowers on the board, you do not need to collect them all, we only need FIFTEEN. phew.

Level 2004

This level is tricky. You need to make water to get rid of the hay seeds just in front of the airdrop booster. And the ice is preventing moving the sheep. I personally found by removing the hay seeds and getting the airdrop to drop apples it was easier. The only problem being it may take many many tries as the apples don't fall where you want. (Voice of experience)

Level 2003

YOU ONLY NEED 10 POPPIES Don't panic :) You do need all normal flowers though and you would need to remove them to collect crops and move the bulls around anyway.

Level 2002

Lots of oysters to clear, and sadly the board won't stay blue and yellow so make crops fall continuously to help you while making as many matches as you can next to the water barrels.

Level 2001 **Rancid**

Apologies for the huge logo through the video. I have since resized it but you will see it for a few more. Its had to be added as people keep stealing my videos and uploading them on their own websites as theirs which is really not fair. :( On this level make grass patches in clumps and then it will make life easier. Start with the fireflies though or you won't get the grass seeds falling. Then make as many matches as you can on grass for the points.

Level 2000

Free firecrackers quickly, use the onboard airdrop booster. The airdrop boosters are better used when they are next to a cracked egg as that is what they will deliver to you.

Level 1999

Its tricky to clear all the webs but we need to in order to free the chicken so make sure the crops cascade. At least we have logs to help us in this :)

Level 1998

I struggled on this level. You need to hit as many firecrackers as you can and hope that the ice gets broken. Use the onboard boosters to crack eggs and add points to crops.

Level 1997

Sadly we need all sheep and all flowers, open as many flowers as you can with one match.

Level 1996

Use the crops on the logs to match up. Move the chickens as soon as you can.

Level 1995

Plan moves very carefully, when you get extra points on the strawberries (including the bombs) always match those ones up first. If you get really high points on one you could also use a shovel to remove it. Use a shovel to remove a strawberry if its in the way of making a row of eggs....or even cracking an egg to make the final cracked egg needed. A lot of it is down to the way the crops fall but if you watch the board carefully you can match up the better crops.