Monday, 28 January 2019

Level 1923

21  Moves
8 Flowers
4 Poppies
150 Onions
150 Strawberries
First glance this level is really daunting but it isn't. Admittedly the game will only co-operate when it wants to which doesn't help so if you use a few moves and get nowhere, quit and start again.
We only need FOUR of the poppies on the board.
We do need all 8 flowers.
The best way to approach this level is move the bull backwards and forwards hitting ice blocks as much as you can even if he cannot hit a poppy. You don't even need to move the other two so much, although you can if you want. Once flowers start becoming available from behind the ice, match as many crops as you can next to them to open them.
You do need cascading crops to get the amounts you need and use shovels sparingly until the end when you might need them for a flower.

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