Friday, 18 January 2019

Level 1901

22 Moves
10 Flowers
50 Water drops
50 Carrots
50 Onions
This is a tricky level but if you have shovels its not too bad. Shovels can make your grass seed or flower seed grow without needing it to swap. I would advise when your grass seeds move down the board into places where you can make as much grass as possible, I would hit it with a shovel so you save a move.
We need 10 flowers, 8 are on the board, 2 more need to be made. You will get lots of seeds falling so make sure you watch how many are grown.
Make as many matches as you can next to the water buckets, if for nothing else it will get rid of the grumpy crops and hope crops fall so points get added on.
Luckily there are logs, so use the crops on them to make matches :)

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