Thursday, 17 January 2019

Level 1899

25 Moves
8 Flowers
100 Strawberries
25 Water drops
2 Sheep
Collecting strawberries and moving sheep on this level is easy. Picking 8 flowers is easy.
What isn't easy is the hay seed dropping down into the best place for sheep leading and the water for dropping next to the seeds. You can use your shovel to make a seed grow if its in a better place and you have played the level so many times you just want to move on.
Open the flowers quickly, the more moves you have left for the rest the better.For saying you only need 25 water drops it can often be hard getting it. On my very long video (apologies) I had to use the filler companion. I think I could have done it without, but I needed to be moving on. I did only use the one shovel though even if I did get one star. One stars still a win! You can do better I am sure :)

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