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Level 1879

24 Moves 125 Strawberries 125 Suns 3 Black Sheep 4 Sheep **Hard Level** 8 hay squares on the board which are on logs, the black sheep are nearest the hay and they eat the hay, you will need to  move them first. Then  you can lead the white ones down through the grumpy crops, slime squares, on to the grass and then the hay! There are slime squares at the bottom as well so you will lose crops trying to get the sheep. Watch your crop count as need lots shovels are good to line up the sheep, or get a high value crop. **note: in my honest opinion, companions do not help on this level. Save your beans!

Level 1877

25 Moves 18 Fire Igniters 3 Chicks 100 Suns 100 Water Drops There are 6 igniters on the board to start and the chickens are on set squares trapped by iced crops and blockers at the bottom of the board, which are on logs.  Get the igniters set off from the start and use shovels on the chickens, if you don't get them with an igniter! Once the chickens are free keep making matches to get the eggs for the chicks, try and keep a shovel in case you need it near the end. As usual watch your crop count!! Good Luck