Saturday, 5 January 2019

Level 1881 **Rancid Level**

18 Moves

380 Onions, Apples, Suns and Water Drops

**Rancid Level**

Not the worst rancid level we have had! there are 12 flowers,we DON'T need and grass squares and lots of iced crops and grumpy ones too!! Work from the middle of the board breaking ice and collecting crops as you go. The flowers will grow on there own and open up the board, giving points to the crops on the grass. Is a strange shaped board and can take a few tries to work out how its moving! shovels are handy, to set up cascades and to collect more crops if needed!

**Edit from chicken slayer, who clearly didn't use boosters, this level is vile :P


  1. This is really hard, you say its not, been on it for weeks, not enough moves to many crops and the rotating grid makes it worse, very very hard.

  2. still waiting for the video, you never passed this level did you, I have been playing this for weeks and YOU say its not a hard Rancid, bull, its impossible to pass this level unless you have twenty shovels for one game, or using thousands of beans. King needs to change this game fewer crops to get and move move at least.

  3. Sorry Kat!! My fault, I have been battling with some boring levels for some weeks and I didn't get notifications of new messages. Hence the reason both the video and the comment publish was late. My co-blogger was ahead of me writing the blog, but she hasn't made the video for the reason she passed it on her phone lol. I will tell you it isn't the worse rancid, I just discovered a changed one that was hard before and is now impossible :(

  4. did a good job, this took me ages to pass but finally did it. so it wasn't impossible and managed to get the key too!! thanks

  5. Only got under 100 left to get once . Dreadful level, not possible under normal playing conditions. No enjoyment in this, just an ordeal.10 more moves required and 100 less crops.

    1. IS it still the same as your level? I hate Rancid!!!!