Level 1827

22 Moves
20 Flowers
4 Poppies
4 Fireflies
250 Onions

**Hard Level**

Flowers are on logs, trapping the fireflies, 2 of them are in front of the 2 bulls and 2 fire flies in fron of 2 poppies. There are 6 poppies on the board you ONLY NEED 4!

Work on growing the flowers to get the fireflies lit and away asap, shovels are handy. The fireflies can get frustrating, as they go on and off like a light switch. Once you get them away get the bulls into the board and move them up down to get the poppies,  Don't forget about the onions or you will be crying!!


  1. This game has gone the same way as Candy Crush - impossible without a zillion boosters. You need a huge supply of shovels to get the fireflies, lots of patience and luck to be able to move the bulls at the right time, not to mention the impossible number of onions needed.

    I have been trying to get this level for weeks and decided life is too short to spend hours and hours playing the same old level over and over again. I surrender! Reading a good book is a far more rewarding way of using precious leisure time.


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