Level 1823

25 Moves
4 Poppies
3 Chicks
50 Water Drops
400 Carrots

Start at the top of the board and move the bull to get the 1st poppy, and then back to hit the water bucket, to get the water flowing as we need the water to release the 2nd bull, trapped by ice. Keep moving the bulls to get the poppies and release the chickens. Level can get a bit boring after playing it a few times, but stick at it and it will fall into place! Need lots of carrots so watch what you have collected.

Note from chicken slayer who understands why Bull fighter did not video this level. Its boring. 
You have to keep moving the top bull backwards and forwards to make all the water and hope it lands in the right places. Water filler helps but as everytime I use a companion, combined with the sitting and waiting for falling crops as we need so many the video is long and boring. Only watch if you really feel you need punishment or cannot sleep. :)


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