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Level 1823

25 Moves 4 Poppies 3 Chicks 50 Water Drops 400 Carrots Start at the top of the board and move the bull to get the 1st poppy, and then back to hit the water bucket, to get the water flowing as we need the water to release the 2nd bull, trapped by ice. Keep moving the bulls to get the poppies and release the chickens. Level can get a bit boring after playing it a few times, but stick at it and it will fall into place! Need lots of carrots so watch what you have collected. Note from chicken slayer who understands why Bull fighter did not video this level. Its boring.  You have to keep moving the top bull backwards and forwards to make all the water and hope it lands in the right places. Water filler helps but as everytime I use a companion, combined with the sitting and waiting for falling crops as we need so many the video is long and boring. Only watch if you really feel you need punishment or cannot sleep. :)

Level 1822

18 Moves 4 Alligators 24 Igniters 4 Flowers 130 Suns Flowers are on the board trapping 8 igniters on 4 square log in the middle and iced eggs around the sides, on logs. Get the flowers grown so you can get to the igniters. Keep making matches next to the igniters and eggs to get the moving and open up the board. Try using either the breaker or igniter to give you a helping hand, the grower isn't much help as the flowers grow as you go. Watch your crop count as we need a lot.

Level 1821 **Rancid Level**

25 Moves 300 Apples, Carrots, Onions and Water Drops **Rancid Level** Grumpy crops, spiders, grass seeds 4 sets of logs and water buckets! There are 2 spiders with 2 nests to jump to, we don't need them but get them moved and away asap to get to the buckets. When you can use the grass seed, you do get more falling so use them wisely. Once you get grass work from the bottom when you can and get cascades falling to gain more points on your crops. The filler companion is useful if you have enough beans!

Level 1820

26 Moves 10 Flowers 25 Fire Igniters 120 Onions 120 Suns 16 flowers on the board ONLY NEED 10! and they are around the side of the board with igniters in between. There are logs with iced crops and blocks and 4 grass squares in the middle. Work on getting the flowers grown, free the igniters and break the ice asap! We do have snowballs falling as well from where the igniters are, watch your crop count and the amount of flowers and igniters collected. You do have a lot of moves but they do go fast!

Level 1824

20 Moves 3 Fireflies 220 Apples 220 Onions 70 Mushrooms Get the fireflies lit and away asap, then use amelia airdrop on the mushroom to get them on the board. Keep making matches and use the air drop on the crops you have the most of, so that the points go up and you can collect, don't forget about the mushrooms as they can be tricky. Work from the bottom and get cascades falling, if you see a +5 take it as it will clear the board and give you fresh crops. Video to follow

Level 1819

25 Moves 120 Onions 120 Strawberries 70 Water Drops 11 Flowers **Hard Level** 8 flowers blocking the water buckets, which are on logs and 3 seeds on the board, trapped by iced water drops. Work on growing the flowers and getting high value crops. Can be frustrating level unless you get a good board, use the grower companion or filler to help. Remember to watch the full board as can be easy to concentrate on the bottom and miss moves further up! (speaking from experience lol)

Level 1818

18 Moves 135 Water Drops 135 Apples 4 Alligators There are bombs with a 9 move countdown, and more will fall. Eggs are trapped in ice and we have 2 super fruits, again more do fall, use the 2 that are on the board wisely to make the most of them. There are logs on the top half of the board, and grass at the bottom with the iced eggs. Keep your shovels until you feel that it is passable, keep watching the board so you don't missing a good move that will work to your advantage.The first couple of alligators are quite easy to get,and then you do need to concentrate and see the way the board is moving.

Level 1817

19 Moves 4 Fire Flies 90 Carrots 90 Strawberries 13 Oysters You need to get the fire flies lit and away before the oysters can fall into the main board, shovels are handy to help out with this. While you are getting the fire flies, which are on logs at either side, watch the board to make the most of every move. The flies can go on and off like light switches, which is annoying!, but is satisfying when they do eventually fly away.

Level 1816

23 Moves 50 Mushrooms 12 Flowers 125 Suns 20 Water Drops **Hard Level** 10 flowers on the board along with 4 seeds ONLY NEED 2 of the seeds. Start growing the flowers and get the mushrooms making babies as well. There are 4 water buckets trapped by iced mushrooms and we have logs around the board. Seems like a lot of moves, but with all that we need to collect they do go quicker than you would think! Just make sure you watch the board and don't miss any good moves.

Level 1815

20 Moves 200 Apples 200 Carrots 17 Fire Igniters 15 Chicks 3 igniters on the board, start setting them off and watch the 2 sets of  logs to make the most of each move. The chicks are easy to collect, as you are making matches elsewhere, work from the bottom and it will all come together along with the mountain of crops needed! Fun level says Bull Fighter...Chicken slayer said are you mad? I was on this daaaaaayyyys and resorted to companions. Evil >:-( Video to follow

Level 1814

20 Moves 15 Mushrooms 105 Suns 8 Flowers 50 Water Drops There are 4 mushrooms at each corner outwith the main board, you can either wait till a water drop lands on 2 of them or use shovels so that they appear on the main board, a bit quicker. The filler companion, if you have it, is helpful as we need quite a few water drops and keep an eye on your suns as you may be a couple short! **edit from Chicken Slayer, no Bullfighter. I always had the suns, it was the water drops or flowers that refused to play nicely grrrr.