Level 1803

18 Moves
17 Mushrooms
3 Poppies
275 Apples
90 Water Drops

The bull is trapped at the bottom by iced water drops, and the water buckets are trapped by 3 flowers we don't need. There are 2 mushrooms at the top right of the board between 2 of the 3 poppies, we also have a 4 squares with logs on them at the top left. Get the iced water free and the bull moved to get the single poppy, move the bull up to the logs and then get it moved to hit the 2 poppies. Once you get the first poppy try and use shovels to get rid of the mushrooms to get more falling, the water drops can sometimes land on them so you can save shovels for getting crops and setting up moving the bull.


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