Level 1799

18 Moves
4 Fireflies
65 Water Drops
16 Fire Igniters
65 Carrots

Get the fire flies lit and away asap, so you can get to the water buckets. There are 6 flowers on the board which we don't need, but they are trapping 4 igniters! Frustrating level due to the fire flies, grumpy crops, and the bombs with a 9 move countdown. Just keep making matches at the bottom to get cascades and fill the water buckets fast! if you can. You will lose a few lives and crops as you play, but it will work out eventually.

Don't forget about using a companion and shovels!

Apologies for the long rubbish video, how bad the level is, I was in 27th place which is good for me, not the video though.


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