Level 1793

23 Moves
3 Poppies
7 Black Sheep
5 Flowers
150 Apples
Ok so on the first time I passed this level, I only got one star. I think I could have got more but I needed to move on and with the way King keep changing levels, it would be a waste of my time. If you have time though, you don't need to update videos, I would push yourself as it is a fun level and I think you will get 3 stars with a good board.
You need 3 poppies. If you remove the flowers and hit the poppies, it stops all the grumpy crops from coming down, so that is first priority.
Your apples should match themselves, so less grumpies will help!
The tricky part is the sheep, because as you know by now, the black sheep munch the hay away and so you cannot multi-move them.
Get as many as you can straight to the hay then move the others up. I didn't use companions, only 3 shovels and I know I could do better, so with careful planning, you can beat this easily :)


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