Level 1784

26 Moves
13 Flowers
120 Carrots
120 Onions
12 Fire Igniters

We have green and blue bombs with a 9 move countdown, and green and blue frogs, which are helpful to get rid of the bombs! There are 18 flowers around 3 sides of the board, we ONLY NEED 13. Start getting rid of the bombs and growing the flowers, you may loose a few crops if you don't watch the board and get the frogs involved asap. Keep an eye on the crop count, you can use either the grower companion or the igniter, just watch with the igniter it will remove bombs for you and not hit the fire igniters.We do need lots of crops and there are lots of moves, which can make it harder.

It's a frustrating level and you might be here a while, I know I was!


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