Monday, 14 May 2018

Level 1771

25 Moves
1 Spider
6 Flowers
125 Apples
2 Sheep

**Hard Level**

4 sheep on the board ONLY NEED 2, there are 3 hay squares on logs, with 2 flowers and the last of 3 nests the spider has to jump to. We have 2 sets of logs, 1 on the outside and an inner 1, this is where the nests are. The flowers take care of themselves, so get the spider moving asap, start at the bottom right, collecting apples. Try and get 2 of the sheep off the logs and on to the grass bottom left so that they can jump to the hay as it comes round

You need careful planning and clever moves in order to get through this level, it is frustrating as you think you are almost there and then no more moves!

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