Level 1766

22 Moves
3 Black Sheep
70 Water Drops
135 Apples

We need to make the hay for the black sheep to eat, there are 2 hay seeds on the board to start with. There are 4 water buckets on logs and we have lovely snowballs, but they don't cause too much hassle, as long as you keep an eye on them! Make the hay asap and move the sheep to it, use shovels on the seeds to save moves and hopefully set up moves to get the sheep to the hay.

I quite enjoyed this level, but did get a good board to pass it, good luck!


  1. My hay seems to disappear??, I make the hay and it disappears?, been in this level way too long, help anyone??

    1. The black sheep eats hay when it lands on it. The white sheep don't do that though.


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