Sunday, 1 April 2018

Level 1743

24 Moves
120 Carrots
120 Strawberries
4 Poppies
13 Flowers

There are 5 poppies on the right of the board trapped by flowers on log columns and grass. You only need to remove 4 poppies though! 
Get the flowers growing from the start, and collect crops as you go.The bull is on the left on log columns, and we need to move him right to the poppies and then back to the left and back over, at the right time! You can get the bull to move to the top, or bottom of the log, but watch out as he does stay in that column and can be tricky to get him back on track.  Watch your crop and poppy count as many a time I was 1 short.  

The second video uses grower companion, and is a long one

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