Sunday, 15 April 2018

How do I post on King Care?

In our group we often advocate posting on King care. The reason being that you can get help on there or can report issues and is often more reliable than emailing support when they have thousands of emails to deal with per day.
As with any forum, it can be confusing though if you have never used it before, so we are writing this helpful guide to show you.

The website address
King Care

The site is only available in English or Spanish (with a slight address change) but you will be redirected to each games help page if you post in another language so don't worry.

So how do you post?
Firstly, go to the address above and you will arrive at this screen

If you have previously used the site, then click log in with Facebook. If you haven't used it before or don't use Facebook you have the option to register

Once logged in, you will be taken to the main screen. If you want to browse, then choose the game you want to look at the forum for. 
You will notice in the top right corner, your avatar (clicking on it will bring up your account screen where you can change it to a different picture and add your bio)
And your KC mail box. If the King care team need to email you privately, this is where you will find it.

For now though, you are wanting to ask a question. See where the arrow points? On your King care screen (not my image) click on ask question. 
 This will bring up the following screen

Title it something related to the question you want to ask. Such as where have my beans gone?
What happened to my boosters? My game keeps crashing. Whatever your issue is. 
it will give you a list of related questions where you can either click on to view other players posts or ignore to carry on writing your own question. 

Write your issue as clearly as you can, including any steps you have already taken to try to resolve it.
The 3 icons are where you will add media, such as a link, image or video. Its very helpful if your game is doing something it shouldn't be, to add a screenshot. it shows King exactly what you are seeing. 
Remember to include details such as the device/OS you are using. What level you are having trouble with or other helpful details you can give them. The games are available on many devices across all platforms and each issue can be a new problem or something replicated on other players accounts. Adding your device etc will help to see if its happening on similar devices.

Adding tags will direct the post to the correct forum. So if you tag it as Farm Heroes, it will show in the Farm Heroes forum and not Candy crush for example. 
Same with devices, its really helpful for those trying to help you, if you have tagged which platform you play on as it saves them asking you questions. 
And also type of issue, such as you cannot get the game to run, would be technical for example.

Finally, check the box to show you are real and not a bot. And click where it says ask your question. That makes your question go to the site. Sometimes due to spam filters, there may be a delay until the King team can check it but they will see it and clear it for viewing. 
If you have notifications on, then you will get an email (to your normal email not your King care one)  whenever anyone comments on your question or it will show a number next to your avatar at the top of the screen.

When anyone answers, you have the option to comment under their answer, or write another answer in a bigger box.  Please try to avoid the comment box as it doesn't notify the helper that you have replied unlike the main answer box. 
This is where you will see comments

See how the comment is hidden? It has to be clicked on and isn't instantly seen. As a volunteer for King that makes our work a lot harder as we don't get the notifications you have replied. 

Its much better to write it here :)

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