Saturday, 31 March 2018

Level 1742

15 Moves
100 Apples
100 Strawberries
40 Firecrackers
8 Flowers
This level needs such a lot, but I managed to do it within a few tries without companions.
It requires you to do several things at once.  
You do not get any more flower seeds fall down until you have removed that one. Hitting it with a shovel saves messing about with a water drop as by hitting it, it causes instant growing! 
Rely on the firecrackers to get all the flowers in the top corner and once you have made that top corner seed, you will get more falling down on the main board. You need 3 more on top of their 5. 
The crops are not so bad to get, and actually, if you manage to set off the firecrackers in multiples each time, they will clear your board. But you do need a lot of them and it doesn't help that some of the crops are encased in ice. 
You do have enough moves but you have to use each one wisely.

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