Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Level 1740

14 Moves
85 Apples
95 Suns
85 Water drops
4 Alligators
We don't get any more eggs until we start removing some and we don't get any more of those nice shiny rainbow boosters until we have used those. If you haven't seen them before, which you should have done at least once, they remove all crops in a square around them when swapped, and add extra points. They also crack eggs!
We have two bulls and two poppies which we don't need to get rid of. You could break the top egg in each column with a shovel, and then you would get more fall, but you wouldn't be able to use those nice shiny boosters and they come in handy. 
Going the route of this video, we moved the bulls and broke the poppies, then moved them out the way so crops could fall. 
Swap the crop nearest to the egg on each side of the board with the super fruit booster, meaning that two eggs are got. 
Then move as many crops as you can out of the way, using combinations and rows of 5 crops, so you get more eggs fall and more super fruit.
Then its a case of hoping eggs will co-operate enough to make some more chicks! I did it without companions so you will be able to...but if you wanted to use one then it would make life easier for you :)

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