Saturday, 24 March 2018

Level 1733

18 Moves
4 Flowers
25 Water drops
75 Onions
75 Suns
We have lots of bombs on this level and I really hate bombs. We have a red frog though that will usually land anywhere but where he is needed. However, don't worry if some of the bombs still go off. We can still do this.
In my video I used a water filler companion. Simply because its a tricky level that I suspect at some point they will change.
Make as many matches next to your water buckets as you can, you need drops to move around the logs and as soon as they move next to the flower seeds, make a flower. We have 6 seeds but only need 4 flowers.
Then its combinations, +5 rows and a whole lot of luck to complete. If you haven't got the companion, you will be able to do it, it will just take longer.
Watch the video to see how its done.

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