Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Level 1728

23 Moves
6 Oysters
4 Poppies
12 Flowers
110 Strawberries

The flowers are on logs moving round the board, that you need to grow from the start. The oysters are in the top left, on grass trapping 2 poppies, there is another at the bottom left corner and 1 top right. There are 2 bulls over on the right, 1 at the bottom and 1 in the middle, get the bulls onto the logs asap, they will help grow the flowers, or use a shovel to help before moving bull. Make sure the bull is able to hit a poppy before you move him, as it can cause issues as you get into the level.  Once the flowers are away the oysters will start falling onto the board, don't forget to collect them! The strawberries will collect themselves just keep an eye on the count.

 It may take a few attempts to pass this one!

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