Sunday, 4 March 2018

Level 1723

20 Moves
16 Oysters
3 Poppies
180 Onions
180 Strawberries

**Hard Level**

If you like bulls and oysters this is the level for you!! There are 3 bulls trapped by 7 flowers on logs at the left side of the board, and the poppies on the right with flowers on logs. There are 16 oysters in the middle, work on getting through the oysters and growing the flowers as you go, once you get the flowers away get the bulls over to the poppies either in 1 move or you can do it 2 in one move and then get the last 1 over. Keep an eye on your crop count, not many moves and they can go fast. Shovels are handy to have, the companions are not much help, as they can hinder your progress!

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