Saturday, 3 March 2018

Level 1719

24 Moves
6 Flowers
100 Onions
13 Fire Igniters
3 Dragon Chicks

The flowers are above eggs, that are on 3 sets of 4 square logs, and we have a blue frog trapped in there as well. 6 igniters are blocking the flowers and there are water drop bombs with a 9 move count down on the board. Get the igniters firing asap and get the flowers growing, then you can start making the dragon chicks! The igniter companion is good 1 to use, if you have it. Watch the bomb count down as it can go fast and then take some of your collected crops away, the frog is handy to get the water drops so try getting him moved when you can. Don't forget about the crops when you're collecting everything else.

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