Level 1712

24 Moves
4 Fire Igniters
5 Flowers
70 Apples
30 Water Drops

**Hard Level**

There are 3 igniters at the bottom of the board on logs trapped by 3 flower seeds and then there is a 5 square log above them and 4 water buckets at the top (2 on either side). Get the water flowing onto the board from the start, as we need them for the flowers and crop count. Once you start getting the water move them down to grow the flowers or use a shovel, (if you use a shovel the flower will grow there and you need to rely on crops matching above it!) more seeds will fall but you need to start using the ones on the board first, this is the same for the fire igniters. Watch your crop count as well as you can get carried away with the flowers and igniters.


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