Level 1707

20 Moves
7 Sheep
1 Spider
115 Apples
115 Strawberries

The spider has 8 webs to jump too, there are 7 which are on logs, the 8th is trapped under the sheep. The sheep are underneath the webs and not able to get to the 2 rows of hay until some of them they are cleared. Get the spider fee asap and onto the logs and you can then start him moving the bet you can.  Try and get more than 1 sheep at a time onto the hay, this is a bit trick to do but you can do this! Don't forget about the 8th web, as you think you've got it and Incy Spider is stilled trapped. The breaker companion is useful to have.

Lots of crops again!


  1. Impossible too few moves and every time spider is moved webs block any further moves

    1. Keep at it, at some point the crops will fall helpfully and you will be able to get them, It took me quite a few tries!


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