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Level 1717

20 Moves 8 Flowers 2 Chicks 95 Apples 95 Carrots There are 2 spiders (we don't need! but once freed will stop snowballs falling) trapped by the flowers and 2 chickens. Get the flowers grown and the chickens moving asap and keep making matches next to the chickens to get eggs. Keep an eye on your crops and go for high value ones to help you out! Use the logs to help plan moves and get the chicks.

Level 1701 **Rancid Level**

23 Moves 260 Carrots, Onions, Strawberries and Water Drops A board full of grumpy crops and 8 water buckets on 2 sets of 4 square logs at the top. Another 2 sets of 4 square logs are at the bottom with 2 grass seeds and iced water drops. Work on filling the water buckets to free the iced crops and make grass asap so that you can get the crops falling! Use the seeds wisely, and remember they will cover 5 squares, (so don't use them at the very bottom of the board, as you will lose 1) Take your time, and watch the board for the best moves, once you have happy crops! Sorry about the one star video!

Level 1714

21 Moves 3 Sheep 4 Poppies 100 Strawberries 100 Water Drops The sheep are trapped bottom right by the 4 poppies on logs with the hay, there are 2 bulls top left trapped by 3 flowers (that we don't need but need to be grown!). Start getting the flowers growing and away asap, to get to the bulls, once they are freed move 1 of them to the right and 1 down to the bottom. Keep moving them so they hit the poppies, then you can work on the sheep, the crops seem to take care of themselves but keep an eye on your count! Frustrating level!!

Level 1699

20 Moves 2 Flowers 20 Igniters 70 Water Drops 4 Dragon Chicks **Hard Level** The flowers are at the bottom of the board trapped by igniters, on either side of a 4 square log with dragon chicks on it. Set the igniters off so that they can help free the separate iced column of eggs, on the right hand side. You do need a lot of igniters so keep making matches next to them at every opportunity, the chicks will come together once you open up the board. Don't forget about the water drops and go for the high value crops when you can. The igniter companion is good once you start getting the crops.

Level 1713

20 Moves 2 Fireflies 75 Suns 6 Flowers 2 Chicks The chickens are trapped at the bottom of the board under 2 sets of 4 square logs, which have flowers on them. The fireflies are trapped on either side of the board by iced eggs, get the chickens free asap and get them laying eggs so that you can then get to the fireflies. Remember you only need 6 of the 8 flowers on the board! Can be a bit tricky the first few times you play! The companions can be a help or hindrance depending on the board.

Level 1712

24 Moves 4 Fire Igniters 5 Flowers 70 Apples 30 Water Drops **Hard Level** There are 3 igniters at the bottom of the board on logs trapped by 3 flower seeds and then there is a 5 square log above them and 4 water buckets at the top (2 on either side). Get the water flowing onto the board from the start, as we need them for the flowers and crop count. Once you start getting the water move them down to grow the flowers or use a shovel, (if you use a shovel the flower will grow there and you need to rely on crops matching above it!) more seeds will fall but you need to start using the ones on the board first, this is the same for the fire igniters. Watch your crop count as well as you can get carried away with the flowers and igniters.

Level 1698

20 Moves 4 Fireflies  80 Strawberries 80 Apples 4 White Sheep Get the fireflies lit and away so that you can get the sheep out onto the board, and the seeds fall down. You can make another 2 squares of hay, use these wisely as you don't get anymore. The sheep are on logs and we have lots more than required. The crops take care of themselves but watch your count. The fireflies can be tricky to get, as usual, but shovels come in handy! Take your time and watch the board especially till you have all 4 sheep.

Level 1697

20 Moves 1 Spider 30 Mushrooms 65 Apples 65 Strawberries The spider has 4 nests to jump too, 3 of them are on logs (5 squares) in the bottom right corner, with 3 webbed mushrooms. Get the spider free asap and over to the first nest, and then to the bottom right. Use a shovel to free a mushroom and then more will start falling. Keep making matches to free and move the spider quickly so that you can grow mushrooms and collect your crops! There is a blue frog top left, trapped by the spider and webbed crops, try not to get him free as he will get in the way! If he gets out then he will jump to the bottom right and get the 3 water drops there. Avoid matches near there if you can.

Level 1696

20 Moves 4 Fireflies 90 Strawberries 90 Suns 4 Flowers We need to get the fireflies lit and away so the flower seeds can fall down. This can be tricky, but shovels are handy, as they go on and off with falling crops, even with careful planning! The fireflies are on snowball squares, so when the seeds fall they can be snowed in. so keep an eye on them. There are logs at the bottom of the board, try and get the flowers planted there or just above so that falling crops help grow them. Moves go fast due to the fireflies and we do need a lot of crops.

Level 1695

26 Moves 8 Flowers 2 Chicks 65 Carrots 65 Strawberries **Hard Level** The chickens are trapped by flowers and iced onions and 3 eggs, we also have onion bombs with a 9 move countdown. Get the flowers grown and free the chickens to get them moving, you can use a shovel at the start to free 1, if you wish. Don't forget about the bombs as they do countdown quickly ans steal some of the crops you already have. Keep making matches next to the chickens to get lots of eggs. Keep shovels to get any stray flowers or crops needed to pass.

Level 1710

15 Moves 9 Flowers 60 Suns 4 Fire Igniters 4 Chicks The igniters are trapped at the bottom of the board by eggs and flowers, we have a log as well with flowers and eggs. Get the flowers growing asap so that the board opens up and you can get to the eggs and igniters. More igniters will appear on the board, so keep making matches next to them and the suns, as they can help crack the eggs and grow flowers if they co~operate.

Level 1708

22 Moves 10 Fire Igniters 32 Oysters 100 Carrots 100 Apples There are 12 oysters and 8 igniters on the board, trapped by 5 iced apples. Break the ice and get the board opened up, get the igniters firing and open up the oysters asap. Keep making matches next to the oysters and go for high value crops when you can. Watch out for the amount of oysters you collect, as you may either be 1 or 2 short or have lots more than required!

Level 1706

20 Moves 5 Flowers 105 Carrots 105 Strawberries 3 Chicks **Hard Level** The chicken is trapped by flowers and 3 iced crops, there is a super fruit under the chicken and 2 eggs, you can get 1 of your need chicks when he moves. You do get more super fruits falling so use them wisely and keep making matches next to the chicken, to get lots of eggs and get the chicks made. Go for high value crops as we do need a lot, and moves go fast, as usual!

Level 1691

22 Moves 2 Fireflies 6 Sheep 85 Onions 85 Strawberries The sheep are at the bottom of the board on grass trapping the fireflies, and the hay is at the top. You need to get the sheep moved asap and up to the hay, once you can get to the fireflies get them lit and away, shovels are handy! The 2 sheep in each corner are the tricky ones so plan moves carefully and if you can get 2 sheep on to the hay in 1 move. The crops seem to take care of themselves but as usual keep an eye on the amount you have!

Level 1690

21 Moves 90 Onions 90 Suns 18 Fire Igniters 5 Flowers **Hard Level** The igniters are on logs at the bottom of the board, we need to make flowers 2 seeds are trapped in ice at the top and there are snowballs too! Work on setting the igniters off and they will free the seeds, I found it best to make the flowers on the logs, as you get a better chance of growing them quicker. Use either the igniter or grower, if you have them, the breaker is not much help, as you can use shovels to help you along!

Level 1689

18 Moves 16 Black Sheep 35 Carrots 35 Onions 35 Strawberries What a fun level (written with a ton of sarcasm) The sheep are on logs round the top of the board with 24 squares of hay, and grumpy crops on them! We do have 18 squares of green grass and happy crops at the bottom, but you need to get the sheep moved before you can get to them! Get the sheep at the top of the board first, and then just try working from there. If you get the chance to move 2 sheep onto 2 hay squares it helps save a move. Once you open up the board you can work on getting the crops, go for high value ones to save moves as you can run out quickly!!

Level 1687

We only need 3 poppies and there are 4 on the board (remember that, as I kept forgetting!!) The poppies are in each corner trapped by 2 flowers, which are on logs. Once you get the flowers freed round the poppies you can start moving the bull. Use the grower companion, if you have it, as will make life easier to get all 20! Watch the board carefully so that you don't miss a chance to get the bull moved at the right moment, don't forget the bull will grow the flowers as well.

Level 1686 **Rancid**

18 Moves 115 Apples, Carrots, Suns and Water Drops **Rancid Level** 2 water buckets top left and loads of slime  squares. There are logs in the middle of the board, which have fire igniters on them and separating clean crops, trapped in ice. There are 2 grass seeds in the middle, you can use shovels to use it or wait till the water drops are free! Try working in the bottom half of the board where the clean crops are and get the cascades flowing. The igniters are useful when they hit the water buckets and the water lands in the right place. It's a hard rancid as you don't have many moves and crops get wasted in the slime. Good luck Note from the videoer Chicken slayer. Don't bother with companions as they just waste your beans. I still only got one star when I used them!

Level 1705

20 Moves 70 Water Drops 5 Flowers 60 Apples 60 Onions We have to make the flowers and the seeds are trapped on grass by iced water drops. There are 4 water buckets, so keep making matches next to them, and collect crops at the same time! You do get more seeds falling so you can use a shovel on them if you cant get to the seeds at the bottom. Watch your crop count and try to go for the high value ones if you can. You can use a companion if you find it easier, but that sometimes ruins a move you set up!

Level 1703

20 Moves 4 Flowers 85 Onions 85 Suns 10 Oysters The flowers are on logs trapping 6 oysters, it's tricky to get the oysters and you will loose a few lives on this one! You can only hit 1 flower at a time to start with and not many moves available. You need to get the flowers growing asap, and when they have grown an oyster will drop onto the logs, get that onto the board and opened.  Keep an eye on the crop count, shovels are handy to help get requirements, and a lucky board too! 

Level 1700

20 Moves 4 Fireflies 100 Strawberries 6 Oysters 20 Mushrooms Get the fireflies lit and away asap so that you can get to the oyster and mushroom being trapped on either side of the board by 2 of the fireflies. Once their away either start on the oyster or mushroom, you only get 1 oyster falling at a time so keep an eye on how many you have collected. Keep making matches next to the mushrooms to grow babies, once you can get to the first one! You do need lots of strawberries so keep collecting them, when you can. Good Luck!

Level 1684

22 Moves 1 Poppy 50 Water Drops 125 Carrots 7 Flowers There are 6 water buckets, logs and 1 bull trapped by a flower and water bucket on the board. The poppy is trapped at the top right by a flower, get the bull free asap and onto the log. If you can get the bull moving to the end of the row or column, this will help save moves and get him to the top to hit the poppy. There is also 3 iced water drops on the logs which are a bit of a pain. Once you get the bull free, keep making matched next to the water buckets and don't forget about the carrots! Is a strange layout but once you play it 2/3 or 100 times you will get the hang of it!

Level 1702

20 Moves 4 Flowers 65 Apples 65 Strawberries 4 Chicks **Hard Level** The chickens are trapped by 2 flowers each on either side of the board on snow squares with 3 snowballs above them. We need to grow the flowers asap to get the chickens moving asap, and start laying eggs. There are logs at the bottom of the board which are helpful to get crops and make the chicks. Work from the bottom of the board and get cascades falling, look out for +5's as well to help clear crops and get fresh crops falling. Is a fun level but can be annoying if you don't get all 4 chicks!

Level 1682

21 Moves 4 Fireflies 2 Black Sheep 85 Water Drops 85 Strawberries **Hard Level** Get the fireflies lit and away asap, you can then grow the hay for the sheep to eat, remember the hay will go once you get the sheep onto it.  The hay seeds are at the bottom of the board, and once the fireflies are away get the sheep moving down to the hay, it's best to just make 1 hay square at a time and lead the sheep over. Keep an eye on the crop count. 

Level 1681

16 Moves 75 Carrots 75 Strawberries 75 Suns 40 Water Drops 2 grass seeds at the bottom of the board, trapped by iced water drops, there are 4 water buckets and slime. Work on getting the water flowing and get some green grass onto the board, you do get more seeds after you use 1. Watch the board and plan moves carefully as not got many and need lots of crops. You will lose a few crops due to the slime squares, you will get frustrated but it is doable!!

Level 1680

17 Moves 4 Sheep 150 Carrots 150 Suns 10 Flowers This seems a hard level when you first start, but its actually ok! The flowers are on top of the hay on logs and the sheep are trapped on grass at the bottom of the board. You need to clear the flowers as soon as possible, grower companion is good for this!  We need lots of crops, but these seem to get collected on their own from all the cascades you get.

Level 1677

New layout, we have weeds to break. Cascade crops and use a companion if you can. Even then it will likely take a while.

Level 1675

15 Moves 3 Sheep 80 Apples 80 Strawberries 80 Water Drops **Hard Level** The sheep are at the bottom of the board, with iced carrots on the hay, and grass in-between. Rodger rabbit does appear in this level, but he's not too much trouble! Get at least 1 of the carrots free at the start and if you get a lucky board, use a shovel and you can  get 2 sheep at the 1 time, and collect crops at the same time. Try not to move the last sheep too far from the hay, as it can be hard to get him back to the hay. You will get lots of cascades so the crops will collect on their own!

Level 1693

20 Moves 10 Flowers 70 Strawberries 130 Onions 15 Oysters 8 of the flowers, on grass, are at the bottom of the board, 2 are trapped at the top by iced strawberries, and there are 4 oysters above the strawberries. Start growing the flowers asap so you can get to the strawberries, you wont get anymore falling till you use the ones on the grass. The oysters will start falling once their free, watch the board so you don't miss anything. If you see a +5 take it as it will clear the board and give fresh crops, shovels are handy to get any stray flowers, oysters or crops needed. Is a fun level

Level 1672

18 Moves 10 Flowers 60 Mushrooms 40 Suns 40 Strawberries Mushrooms are trapped on the grass between the flowers at the bottom of the board, and there are 5 slime squares at the top. Work on growing the flowers, and collecting crops, to get to the mushrooms. Watch out for the grumpy crops when they fall down, as they can ruin moves you set up! Shovels and the grower companion are helpful to get through this level.

Level 1673

18 Moves 2 Sheep 16 Flowers 4 Oysters 80 Strawberries There are 16 hay squares with flowers, 8 on each side of the board and the sheep are trapped by the oysters. Get the oysters opened first and then start growing the flowers, so that you can lead the sheep to the hay.  If you are lucky get the sheep together, and move them to the hay in 1 move. Might take a few attempts to get passed this level!

Level 1670

15 Moves 7 Flowers 150 Apples 150 Carrots 15 Oysters **Hard Level** 7 oysters trapped by the flowers at the bottom of the board on grass. Start growing the flowers and get the oysters opened asap. Use either the grower or hitter companion, and shovels to get through the level. Need lots of crops and not many moves!

Level 1671 **Rancid Level**

20 Moves 200 Water Drops **Rancid Level** There are 6 water buckets, 12 slime squares and 2 spiders, with 1 nest to jump to, at the top of the board. We don't need the spiders, there just an obstacle get the spider free, so you can get to the buckets, the filler companion is good, but you need a few water drops to get it going. Watch out for the slime and try to get the water drops to the grass and get points on them. Can be a frustrating level 

Level 1669

19 Moves 2 Fireflies 4 Sheep 4 Flowers 110 Strawberries Get the fireflies lit and away first, if you can, as they are on the hay, in the top right corner. The sheep are bottom left on logs but trapped by the flowers. Keep the sheep moving to the hay, and get the flowers growing. The fireflies can be awkward to get as the crops falling can turn them off, persevere and it will happen. Need a lot of strawberries so keep an eye on your count.