Level 1686 **Rancid**

18 Moves
115 Apples, Carrots, Suns and Water Drops

**Rancid Level**

2 water buckets top left and loads of slime  squares. There are logs in the middle of the board, which have fire igniters on them and separating clean crops, trapped in ice. There are 2 grass seeds in the middle, you can use shovels to use it or wait till the water drops are free! Try working in the bottom half of the board where the clean crops are and get the cascades flowing. The igniters are useful when they hit the water buckets and the water lands in the right place.

It's a hard rancid as you don't have many moves and crops get wasted in the slime.

Good luck

Note from the videoer Chicken slayer. Don't bother with companions as they just waste your beans. I still only got one star when I used them!


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