Level 1642

22 Moves
12 Flowers
15 Fire Igniters
5 Chicks
125 Strawberries

**Hard Level**

12 flowers on the board, 8 of them are on logs, we have 3 chicks, 5 eggs and 6 igniters. Start growing the flowers and get the igniters firing asap, to get the board opened up, and crops and eggs falling! The flowers mainly grow on their own and if you get a good board, so do the chicks! Once you get the top lot of flowers grown just keep making matches next to them and the igniters and as usual watch your crop count! If you have the igniter companion, use it to help get them firing all over the board!


  1. what happened to 1641 Rancid?

    1. This one? https://farmheroeshelp.blogspot.com/2017/12/level-1641-rancid-level.html


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