Level 1621

20 Moves
5 Flowers
50 Carrots
50 Strawberries
50 Water Drops

**Hard Level**

The flowers are in front of the water buckets on logs,at the left and a spider on the right. We have 3 slime squares at the top of the board, with a nest for the spider. At first you think the spider is of no use, but when you move him it stops grumpy crops falling.  Each time you start the level there will be 2 webbed water drops and 1 other crop in  front of the spider. Make matches next to the flowers to get them growing and out the way. You  will lose a few crops due to the grumpies, but the sooner you move the spider the better!

Use the filler companion, if you have it along with shovels, and it will all work out!


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