Level 1602

17 moves
4 Fireflies
2 Flowers
75 Carrots
75 Strawberries
Watch your moves in this level, they go really quick!
Careful planning can break ice and light fireflies by watching what crops will be moved when you remove others (as in what will fall down). If you do this, you will save yourself moves!
The flies are the hardest to get to as they are surrounded by ice so this needs to be broken as quickly as possible and then you need to encourage crops to keep falling, so they not only add points for you, but also open the flowers. 


  1. Add more levels this is a great game .need to add more stuff to help out thankyou

    1. Thank you! I know, right now there is just me and I am trying to get higher but King regularly change the levels and now added lots of weeds which means they mostly all need redoing. Not enough hours in the day!


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