Level 1601

19 Moves
2 Spiders
5 Chicks
130 Apples
130 Carrots
This level, the first of Episode 104 is do-able without companions but is frustrating. In fact, the first time I passed it, I was one crop short so bought moves, I was so sick of "Almost" doing it.
I am a firm believer though of once you almost do it, it means you will do it soon.
Move the chicken about as much as possible. You need a lot of eggs. 
The spiders will go by just adding one cracked egg to the top of the row on each side, you don't even have to clear the webs thankfully!
And then just make rows of crops with the highest points on, whilst chasing the chicken, using shovels sometimes if it helps. Remember you can crack eggs with shovels which is REALLY useful!!


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