Level 1574

13 Moves
1 Spider
4 Poppies
140 Onions
140 Strawberries

The bull and spider are trapped in the bottom right by webbed crops, the spider has 1 nest to jump to, which is top left under 2 of the poppies. Once the spider has moved get the bull to move left to the first poppy, get the spider and then move the bull up to the top poppy, right to the 3rd and then left for the last 1. When you move the bull, he's on top of an ice patch and you get a snowball! This doesn't cause any problems as by that time you've not got a lot of moves left! Don't forget about the onions and strawberries as you need a lot!

Again not a lot of moves and they do go fast, if your half way through the moves and not getting anywhere, just close and try again!

No companion in this one..


  1. you say close and try again if half way through and not getting anywhere but you lose a life don't you? king is getting really mean with moves starting to get really bored and running out of beans, think I will give it a miss to frustrating.


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