Level 1558

19 Moves
1 Spider
140 Apples
140 Onions
140 Strawberries

Busy board for this one!!

12 Flowers on the board, that we don't need! The spider is in the middle trapped by webbed bomb crops (9 move countdown)  and has 4 nests to jump too. The nests have each got 2 flowers blocking them. Limited moves to start off with, and you may get a few shuffles, these can be helpful in breaking the webs and moving the spider. The conveyor belt will help set up moves for you and get rid of the bombs, you do get more falling just keep an eye on them and use a shovel or 2 if necessary. 

The spider will move from the middle to top left, top right, bottom left and then bottom right. Don't worry about the flowers as these will grow as the game goes on and can help stop the spider making webs when he moves (if they are still there!)

Good Luck


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