Level 1554

19 Moves
4 Flowers
70 Apples
70 Strawberries
1 Sheep

Hard Level  (Super Hard Level on Mobile/ Tablet don't know why!)

The sheep are at the top of the board in awkward position! Try and get the flowers growing before you move the sheep, as the hay is below the flowers. You need to get crops in the right place to move sheep from where they are.  Once you grow a flower you can start to lead the sheep to the hay, remember that you only need 1 out of the 2 on the board (fell for that 1 a few times!) There are 4 snowballs at the bottom of the board which are more annoying than anything else., as can block a move you'd planned. You can use the companion but seems a waste of 90 beans as they grow as you play and shovels are useful near the end.


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