Level 1547

24 Moves
3 Poppies
3 Spiders
130 Strawberries
130 Onions

Hard Level!

Confusing level the first few times you play it, until you see what you actually need to do to pass it!! The poppies and spiders are on 3 of the 4 conveyor blocks (9 squares in each) on the board. Start breaking the webs with matches and gather crops at the same time. You should know how the bull moves by now (if not or you need a reminder use the following link http://farmheroeshelp.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/how-to-use-bull.html) Shovels are great to get rid of a web to line up the bull for a hit on the poppy or spiders.We have 2 bulls on the board both at the bottom right, 1 in the middle and the other on conveyor belt, get the one on the belt to go up to the top and hit the poppy and the other will stay in the middle until the poppy on the bottom left moves round, and you can get it that way.    It may take a few lives to get through this but its satisfying when you do! 


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