Level 1546

25 Moves
4 Fireflies
130 Water Drops
130 Suns
30 Mushrooms

Scary level when you first start! The fireflies are blocked in the middle guarding 1 lonely mushroom. Work from the bottom to get the fireflies opened and use the conveyor belt to plan moves, a shovel is great to get a  stray firefly fully open. Once they are away the mushroom will fall and you can start making matches next to it to get babies growing. 30 mushrooms seems a lot when it can take ages to get rid of the fireflies, but if you watch the board and plan what could happen it will all fall into place!


  1. Amazing game hope you add more level s and more help i play it daily keep it going

    1. Excellent news :D I have been slightly addicted since its beginning so I aim to add more help, I just have to keep going back and forth changing lol.


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