Level 1537

25 Moves
2 Poppies
40 Firecrackers
150 Suns
150 Water Drops

Strange layout for this one! We have 8 firecrackers in the middle and the poppies are in awkward places, but don't worry the fire crackers are the bulls friends for this one. 
You have two ways of getting the poppies. 
1.You need to move the bulls so that you can stop them above the fire crackers  and have it opposite the poppy. Will take a few goes to work out how it should go, but then will be plain sailing. 
2. As in the picture below. It looks confusing, but if you follow the paths (different colour for each bull) you don't need to rely on firecrackers to stop them. 

There are countdown bombs but they take care of themselves and can be useful to move the bulls. As usual keep an eye on the crop count!


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