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Level 1513

Use companions as you need to clear a lot of weeds to uncover the flowers and then open them. The eggs will hatch along the way without you needing to do anything special. You need to make the crops cascade or you will not complete.

Level 1512

26 Moves 4 Fireflies 5 Flowers 90 Carrots 90 Onions The fireflies are on a conveyor belt and they go on and off like a light switch! Get them out the way asap and we have to make the flowers, there are 2 seeds at the bottom of the board. These are trapped by water drops in ice, there are 4 water buckets above the conveyor belt so we need to make the water star jumping to get to the seeds and grow the flowers. Once you grow both seeds 1 will drop onto the board, when you grow that another will appear! The crops take care of themselves so concentrate on the fireflies and flowers. Shovels are handy to get the flowers or any stray crops you need.

Level 1511

20 Moves 1 Spider 14 Oysters 180 Apples 180 Carrots Hard Level! The spider has 3 nests to jump to, but he's trapped by the oysters! Get the oysters opened and away asap the spider will jump to the nest in the top left corner, then the right and the last one is back down at the bottom right. There is an oyster sitting at the top right corner that you can't get to till the spiders been, unless you use a shovel. As usual, keep an eye on the crop count as you do need a lot.