Level 1502

20 Moves
2 Sheep
30 Strawberries
20 Water Drops

Hard Level! It certainly is as well. Most of the board is covered in grumpy crops. Sheep are at the bottom on either side and we need to make the hay. There is 3 grass seeds and 3 hay seeds on the board at all times. To start get at least 1 hay seed half way down the board, you can now use a shovel to turn it to hay then lead the sheep to it. There is a snowball in the middle of the board and 1 on either side at the top, to make it even more awkward!


  1. impossiblw level with no shovels !! and drops dont do anything when seeds are moved to them only green grass this is impossible mixed up level with no way of getting through this !! pls help


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