Level 1501

20 Moves
1 Spider
1 Chicken
150 Onions
150 Strawberries

Well what can we say!! Looks like a shrunken board (I thought there was something wrong when 1st opened it!) The spider has 3 nests to jump too, 1 is above a 4 square conveyor belt, at the bottom of the board, with the other 2 nests, and the 3 baby chickens on it. Clear the webs and get the spider moving, keeping an eye on your crop count as you need lots. You do get fire crackers but these appear randomly,and can be there from the start of the level! If the board shuffles you'd be as well starting again as the chicks scatter across the board, and its impossible to get them together!


  1. I'm stuck here as well 2 spiders on mine instead of one. Three webs at bottom between the chicks making it impossible collect chicks. Help please.

    1. They have changed the level to make it passable since your updated game , but mine was still showing the old version so I have been unable to change it yet. As soon as it updates, I will update the video :)


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