Level 1468

23 Moves
4 Flowers
2 Black sheep
80 Apples
80 Carrots

If your playing on mobile app then you have 22 moves, 2 black sheep, 4 flowers, 120 apples and 120 carrots. The layout is the same on both devices! Should be a hard level!! 

Move the sheep so the flower seeds can fall down, get the sheep onto the conveyor asap, as helps when you've made hay in the row below it. Make moves next to the water buckets as you need them for the flowers and if you choose make grass, to get rid of the slime. For the hay, you should only need to have 2 hay squares, avoid making flowers in the the hay squares! (speaking from experience there haha) Companions don't really help as the flowers seem to grow themselves and the producer normally lands in the slime!!


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