Level 1446 **Rancid**

18  moves

We need 240 Apples, Carrots, Onions and Strawberries.

We have grumpy crops! There are flowers and oysters over the green grass that we don't need but do need to get rid of them so that can get points on the clean crops. Bit of a tricky one but is doable with shovels and patience!


  1. I searched for some kind of plain tutorial on Rancid in this amazing ♥blog♥ but didn't find any, that's why I'm asking here :D

    When I think I finally understand those rancid levels turns out I don't. >.< Does the added value on cropsies (whether it comes from cascading combos or the grass) count on Rancid levels? Because I just wasted a 1+ booster (calculating what I needed to win) and I lost anyway because it wasn't enough (??) I don't get it. BTW, I played without powering up #haterancid

    1. Hi yes the extra value counts but you should have a score underneath where the smug animal sits and it counts down? I know it gives us the extra at the beginning of the level for beans but that seems to only last the first move. I am going to get official confirmation I think so I know.
      With regards to the +1 is should be whatever score is on your crop then add one point extra for each.
      Thankyou for loving our blog!!! I hate rancid too lol


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