Level 1440

18 Moves
4 Fireflies
100 Carrots
100 Onions
13 Firecrackers
Those fireflies are tricky! We need to move them to get to the firecrackers and as fast as we light them up, its easy to switch them back off by falling crops. Sometimes if you are almost there, its easier to shovel them away saving moves for crops.
Once the fireflies are out of the way, firecrackers will fall. Plan your moves carefully to hit as many as you can with each set of matched crops.
The crops more or less make themselves while you are doing the rest as long as you didn't waste too many moves on the flies.


  1. I cannot get this out, after thousands of beans for shovels the firecrackers only fall a few at a time when you get the flies which is hard seems its only when you haven't got enough crops falling near the crackers simply not enough moves. that's it.

    1. You will get the right board sooner or later. Come on, you can do this ;) Are you playing on mobile or pc? Sometimes its good to try on the opposite to what you normally play on as they can be laid out slightly differently for some reason. Same with companions. We noticed even if the companions are useless and not activated, sometimes just allowing them to be there gives you better crops. Although sometimes they are just a pain.

    2. Une horreur ce niveau..dommage.. j'aimais bien mais au bout de 8 jours je vais arrêter de jouer
      Je suis du même avis que les commentaires précédents

  2. Impossible without a lucky board. Makes me want to delete game and I probably will before too long. It’s not fun when the task is not possible through normal play.


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