Level 1438

18 Moves
1 Chick
105 Apples
105 Carrots
135 Water drops
We need to make water drops here, this is the largest amount of crops.
Concentrate on making as many rows as you can next to the water buckets. This level is going to require a lot of luck as well as skill because of where you need the drops to go. Ideally they need to fly over to the single rows, break the ice and move the chickens. 
You only need one chicken really, two can get in the way, just make as many matches as you can then next to him and the buckets, while getting the crops you need to. Simple :P


  1. Replies
    1. Ok I finally beat this level. When i first started level 1438 it showed 135 water drops... after about a thousand times trying to complete the level, I noticed the number of water drops changed to 105 .. thought that was strange..

    2. They changed the level as you were playing it that's why. Thanks for the heads up, I will check ours but they don't always change everyones at the same time. Its nice when they make things easier and finally listen :)


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