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Level 1438

18 Moves 1 Chick 105 Apples 105 Carrots 135 Water drops We need to make water drops here, this is the largest amount of crops. Concentrate on making as many rows as you can next to the water buckets. This level is going to require a lot of luck as well as skill because of where you need the drops to go. Ideally they need to fly over to the single rows, break the ice and move the chickens.  You only need one chicken really, two can get in the way, just make as many matches as you can then next to him and the buckets, while getting the crops you need to. Simple :P

Level 1437

18 Moves 6 Sheep 120 Apples 120 Carrots 120 Strawberries This is a tricky level because of the fact of where the flowers are and the iced crops. You need to open flowers and break ice more or less at the same time as we do not get enough moves to make mistakes. You don't need to pick flowers to pass, but you need to get the sheep to the hay and the flowers are in the way. Once you have some cleared spaces, you need to move the sheep to the hay but unless the crops line up just right, this can be quite hard. Save shovels for this part. 

Level 1436

23 Moves 4 Poppies 305 Carrots 305 Suns 305 Water drops We have flowers that we do not need to open and oysters that we do not have to remove to pass the level, but are in front of the bull that we need to move. Also all those oysters are sitting on the grass which will gather us extra points. Once the bull is clear of these obstacles its easy to get the poppies. Get them however you find easier. We need a large amount of crops though and that is where we will find ourself stuck. Cascades and +5 rows are vital here.

Level 1435

19 Moves 12 Flowers 18 Firecrackers 225 Carrots 225 Suns Start with the crops on the right side of the board. Moving them will allow the firecrackers to fall down. You need to make as many matches as you can next to them to get them to bounce all over the board. You do need to collect them anyway but they are helpful. Save shovels for removing reluctant crops that are in the way as you need to make crops cascade. Don't we always! The ice is in the way and hopefully will be opened by a rogue firecracker, if not plan moves carefully to add them as well.

Level 1434

18 Moves 3 Flowers 150 Carrots 300 Onions 300 Strawberries The spider has empty nests to hop into, so you need to open the flowers, break the webs, move the spiders, while watching your crop counts.  You need double of the other crops to the onions, so cascading crops and rows of 5 crops, removing all the same type are a must. Patience and you will pass :)

Level 1433

16 Moves 4 Fireflies 12 Flowers 75 Carrots 75 Onions Its a good idea to start with the fireflies on this level and start at the bottom, trying to make matches that hit as many of the flies as possible in one go. Watch out for cascading crops though! They often hit the wrong place and turn them off again *Sniffs* Cascading crops will gather points and also open these flowers, but this is not an easy level at all and will take a lot of patience.It can be done without companions though :)

Level 1432

24 Moves 65 Onions 65 Strawberries 65 Water drops 10 Flowers We need to make 10 Flowers. I would concentrate on making water and making flowers first, as those 24 moves go really quick. You need to break the ice to get the seeds to fall. Once they are moving, keep falling crops hitting your buckets to make water for you while adding extra points too and remember shovels for awkward crops!

Level 1431 **Rancid**

We need to beat Rancid in under 22 moves. The more moves we have left, the more stars we get. You need 2 for his key, but its not easy to get! We need 260 Apples, carrots, Strawberries or onions to get. And we have Ice, grumpies AND snowballs all to hinder us. We need to get the grumpies onto grass to cheer them up and not allow too much snow on the board to make it harder for us.

Level 1430

16 Moves 2 Poppies 3 Spiders 200 Onions 200 Strawberries The spiders have no spare nests so once moved, are gone. (yay) Clearing the webs in the bulls way will mean that he can be moves straight down, then left and right for the poppies. There is also grass for extra crops points.  Webs can be broken with cascading crops and shovels too don't forget.

Level 1429

19 Moves 6 Chicks 4 Dragons 30 Carrots 30 Onions We don't need so many crops on here but need a few eggs.  Try not to let the snowballs avalanche, keep as little on the board as you can. Cascade crops to gather points, drop more crops and break snowballs for you.

Level 1428

We have quite a few oysters and firecrackers to remove here, so clear the ice to get to the flowers, then set off as many of them as you can, while clearing the lower flowers. Its a case of doing something for as much as possible with every move.  

Level 1427

17 Moves 4 Spiders 9 Flowers 215 Onions 215 Strawberries This level is tricky, you need to open all the flowers to complete the level, but also they are blocking the hay from the spiders. Once they are cleared you need to move the crops into positions so that you can lead the sheep over. Save shovels until you really need them.

Level 1426

19 Moves 1 Spider 100 Apples 100 Onions 100 Strawberries Move the spider around his nests by using the crops on the logs along with the crops on the stable parts. The good thing about the logs is they can move crops into place for you. Use shovels carefully, they are better saved for the webs at the bottom of the board.

Level 1425

18 Moves 15 Oysters 55 Apples 55 Carrots 55 Strawberries Snowballs are the menace here but as long as you keep matching up next to them, they will keep being broken. Concentrate on the oysters and you should find that the crops are taking care of themselves. Use clever combinations rows of 5 crops and cascade for extra points.

Level 1424

25 Moves 5 Chicks 95 Onions 95 Suns 20 Firecrackers To get to the chickens, you need to break the ice and that is where the firecrackers come in. Luckily we need to collect them too so keep making as many matches as you can next to them, matching crops as you go along. Cascading crops is how you will get your points there, but constantly matching next to firecrackers and chickens is how you will do the rest.

Level 1423

19 Moves 4 Fireflies 6 Oysters 300 Carrots 300 Strawberries Again this time, you do not need to collect flowers, but you need to get to the fireflies and oysters and they are in the way of that.  Once you have the room get rid of the fireflies while cascading crops to make the oysters open and gather extra points.

Level 1422

21 Moves 2 Black sheep 70 Strawberries 70 Apples 70 Suns We only need to open flowers this time to free the hay so we can bring the sheep home.  You will have to open more than one as the sheep are greedy and eat it, but you should find that happens anyway. Make rows in between flowers, touching more than one at a time, and start moving your sheep towards the moving logs to get them into better positions. Watch your moves carefully as a silly move can spell disaster and spoil the whole game. Cascading crops as logs move around will help your crop count.

Level 1421

21 Moves 1 Spider 60 Apples 60 Strawberries 60 Water drops Cascading cropsies are the main requirement of this level. You have lots of empty nests to break into before Incey Wincey vanishes. Break webs where you can, but break them wisely, you do not want to break a web to find he webs it up again when he lands on a free nest because it makes the last move a waste of time. There is grass on the logs so if you get a match that involves the grass it can be useful. You need to make crops fall and fall, and that is the only way you will pass.